Banking/Asset Financing


Resimac Group Limited

Non-bank Lender

Australian and New Zealand mortgage securitisation business



Thorn Group Limited

Asset Financing

A diversified financial services organisation that provides alternate financing solutions to consumers and commercial.




Terra Firma Capital Corporation

          Real Estate Financing                  

Provides customised debt and equity solutions to the real estate industry in Canada and the United States.

Mana Capital.png


Mana Capital Limited

Financial Services

Leasing solutions for technology assets, plant and equipment to NZ public sector organisations and large corporates

Wealth Management

Waverton (1).svg61.4%

Waverton Investment
Management Limited

Wealth Management

UK private wealth management business

£14.7 billion funds under management and administration


Wealth Management

Aura Group Logo16.4%

Aura Group

Wealth and Funds Management

A financial services business based in Asia Pacific providing wealth, funds management and corporate advisory solutions to clients


ICM Mobility group small logo.jpg39.8%

ICM Mobility Group


UK holding company focused on the mobility sector for private and public transport, and invests in businesses shaping the digital transformation of the sector

Brokerage Services


AK Jensen

Hedge Fund Platform

A global brokerage organisation which provides hedge fund services to both traditional hedge funds and digital asset funds

As at 30 September, 2023