Significant Holdings

Somers' investments are predominantly based in Australia, Bermuda, and the United Kingdom, with these three jurisdictions together accounting for 96.6% of total investments. In total, Somers' significant holdings account for 97.3% of total investments at 31 March, 2024.

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Company Country of domicile Sector Gross assets
Waverton Investment Management Limited UK
Wealth Management

Waverton is a London-based specialist investment manager which focuses on discretionary portfolio management for private clients, charities and institutions as well as offering a suite of in-house managed investment funds. Waverton has approximately £15.4 billion funds under management and administration (as at March 31, 2024). Waverton is also the investment manager to a number of Dublin-domiciled specialist funds.

Resimac Group Limited Australia
Financial Services

Resimac Group Limited ('Resimac') is a leading non-bank lending and multi-channel distribution business in Australia and New Zealand, with Assets under Management of over A$13 billion (as at December 31, 2023). Resimac's shares are listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

ICM Mobility Group Limited UK
Technology Company

ICM Mobility Group is focused on the public and private transport sector. From planning journeys & issuing smart tickets, to streamlining electronic payments and providing insights from their travel data sources.

AK Jensen Group Bermuda
Brokerage Company

AK Jensen is a hybrid business which provides brokerage and software solutions to its clients as well as providing hedge fund services. They provide a hedge fund platform to hedge fund managers, enabling them to set up a hedge fund at low cost, trade through AK Jensen’s proprietary technology platform, and operate under the AK Jensen regulatory framework. AK Jensen has created AKJ Crypto, a front-to-back, tier one solution for digital asset hedge fund managers, and they also offer participation in the platform security token AKJ Token.

Mana Capital Limited New Zealand
Financial Services

Mana Capital Limited offers tailored leasing solutions for technology assets, plant and equipment to New Zealand public sector organisations and large corporates.

Aura Group Australia
Wealth Management

A financial services business based in Asia Pacific providing wealth, funds management and corporate advisory solutions to clients